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Case Study 4 – Meraviglia

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Case Study 4 – Meraviglia

Lots of excitement, a thrill for fast capital appreciation, and a dynamic Italian couple as client, just moved in from Australia… what else could come out of this explosive mix, other than Villa Meraviglia?

Built in Seminyak near the well-known Double Six, highly sought-after by international and local tourists, this villa features a carefully designed Balinese – Asia fusion furniture.

No garden – there is no time for contemplation! The thrill of the Seminyak night is calling – better to have a drink with friends in the exclusive villa jacuzzi?

The house is built on two levels, with 3 bedrooms with ensuite on the top floor and a dining area on the lower floor.

The smart design allowed for +30% capital value realized by selling shortly after construction.

Your luxury home journey starts here.