Charming Escape Group


Born in Oristano (Sardinia, Italy) in 1986, Alessandro studied Economics and Marketing at Universita’ di Cagliari (Italy) and then obtained a Master in Management at Universita’ di Tor Vergata (Rome, Italy).

Alessandro then spent a considerable time of further study in Istanbul (Turkey).
He started working for Morellato, an Italian jewellery brand, with focus on brand management and sales performance. Coming from a generation of successful entrepreneurs, Alessandro immediately took a leading role in the family business, directing IT and Operations for a network of jewelries, whereby he could apply the expertise gained from Morellato in Milan.

Alessandro moved to Bali in 2016, where he developed a network of diversified business interests:
– fulfilled the General Manager position for Bali Sun Spirit (a company trading body care products) and for a private luxury villa
– privately traded land, and mediated real estate deals with (and for) high net-worth foreign investors (6-figure USD worth)
– founded his own company “Indonesia Core Management”, offering a wide set of consulting and business development services, rapidly gaining visibility in the Balinese real-estate sector.

The decision to set up Charming Escape Group comes from the desire to offer a customized, high-end real estate advisory service “to make dreams come true”, at a time when turn-key real estate developers seem to only sell “standardized” villa type A, B, C – neglecting investors’ desire to create something really unique.

Alessandro lives in Bali (Indonesia) with his family.
While Matteo and Alessandro are both fully involved in all aspect of Charming Escape Group, Alessandro concentrates mostly on running Operations in Bali.

Alessandro leads a trusted team of professionals delivering value across every step of the client lifecycle (analysis of the investment opportunity, construction site supervision, admin and legal support, property management etc).

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