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Case Study 2 – Villa Sekuta – Sanur

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Case Study 2 – Villa Sekuta – Sanur

Villa in Sanur

Villa Sekuta comes from the desire of its Indonesian owners to build their own peace sanctuary in Sanur – a highly valued residential area, popular with locals and foreigners who look for the “soothing” side of Bali.

People in Sanur are typically pulling out from the buzz, preferring a quiet neighbourhood, a family-welcoming setting and the privilege of walking down the beach and sipping a cup of tea at the local historical hotels.

The property is designed around a neat functional objective: there are 4 master bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a pool and a living area to welcome family guests and friends.

The measure of the project success was the ability to build a real “family-relaxation” property, whilst retaining a strong value proposition for tourists seeking full comfort away from the crowds.




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