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Case Study 1 – Villa Joyia

We started this project by noting down the “inner drive” for the client to pursue a Bali real estate investment. The couple of professionals from the Middle East wanted to celebrate what Bali meant to them – an unforgettable holiday of self discovery and reflection, happened during a tumultuous time for their family.

The location was indicated in the brief – it had to be Ubud – the centre of “all things well-being” on the island.

However, the specific challenge of the project was to design a truly meaningful home for them. They were not going to settle down for a random “holiday home”!

A long phase of land scouting finally revealed the magic spot: a gentle downward slope towards a river, immersed in the lush vegetation contouring the stream bed, surrounded by traditional rice fields – still walking distance from town.

The design work was awarded to the Italian architecture studio DnA Associates (, based in Milan.

The “principle” of the construction was to embrace and invite nature into the house, as opposed to build something bluntly “standing out” from the soil.

The architects designed the villa on three levels, softly accommodated on the diagonal slope, homaging the famous Fallingwater House by Frank Lloyd Wright (

The top floor features four master bedrooms, each containing a lavish bath-tub by the bed, and private ensuite bathroom. The bathroom is located towards the centre of the floor and receives a cascade of light from the high glass ceiling on top of the construction.

The finishing is high-end, with typically Balinese wood craftwork. There are large sliding glass panels around the rooms. The small balcony encircling the bedrooms also has glass finishing, as to let the sight roam free on the jungle and the rice fields below.

The mezzanine floor has a large dining room with a master table accommodating up to 12 guests, a luxury kitchen and a downward spiral staircase leading into the lower floor.
Outside, there is a large terrace and a glass jacuzzi, protruding towards and above the jungle, towering over the swimming pool below. A midnight bath in the glass jacuzzi is the the most sensorial experience offered by the house – it is just the person, the water, and the nature around.

The lower floor has a large living room with a bar, sofas and amenities in the relaxation area. While sitting on the sofas in the main living area, guests can look up and see the bottom of the glass jacuzzi. The whole experience is a carefully designed blend of indoor comfort & outdoor wilderness.

The sight is almost never blocked by walls and concrete: water and jungle are visible from every corner. A large sliding glass panel leads outside, where a large, squared swimming pool proves to be the ideal spot to create family memories – it is built on three depth levels and is hence suitable for adults, kids and babies alike. A waterfall from the jacuzzi above provides a unique massage experience. Beyond the pool, there is a small garden that finally fades into the jungle.

The house faces west – by design. We planned for unforgettable sunsets to be enjoyed from the terrace – an ideal spot for yoga sessions.

At the back of the mezzanine floor, there is also service quarter with an additional outside kitchen for domestic staff, accommodation for a family helper, the desk of the security staff, and finally a gym for daily workout.

Villa Joyia is work in progress and will be opened in April 2023.

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