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We design, build and manage bespoke luxury property in Bali. Welcome to Charming Escape Group




What makes us stand out from our competitors?


The ROI simulator illustrates the financials for a typical project, based on Charming Escape Group experience





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About Us
With years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, the Founders of Charming Escape Group possess the right skill mix to run a real-estate project end to end. Above all, clients value Charming Estate Group professionalism, integrity and confidentiality – these are the key values needed to work for high net-worth investors and their family offices.


We can provide further details on the case studies showcased here, and start shaping your real estate investment – based on your objectives and our experience.

More importantly, we can get to know each other, share our vision and set the foundation for a long-term, successful partnership.

The first step of any project is to source quality analysis, up and until the investment plan is ready for execution and we are all fully confident on the success.

We do this by acting as your PERSONAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVES in Bali. Depending on your needs, we can work for you on:

  • BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY STUDIES, eg analysis on the real estate market evolution in Bali, with focus on specific regions/ customer segments/ property type. We can look at trends of rental income, marketing, capital gain opportunities etc.
  • BUSINESS SETUP STUDIES, eg legal entity creation, contractual discussions with land sellers, fiscal optimization, banking services suitable for your needs.
  • ON-SITE LAND SURVEY, reporting on land plots in terms of purchase cost, capital gain potential, suitability for your investment, present ownership and contractual options for lease- or freehold.
  • SUPPLIER SCOUTING, depending on your project, we can pull together information from potential suppliers (construction company, interior designers, furniture and appliances vendors, lawyers, bankers etc). We have our network of trusted suppliers, but we can scout for new ones or get in touch with those recommended by you – as per your wishes.
  • INVESTMENT CASE CREATION, whereby we convey all information above into a set of scenarios illustrating expected profit&loss results, cash flow implication and initiative ROI.

This service is simply invoiced as a consulting fee per hour or per manday of our professional work. It can be used to the extent that you see fit, and does not imply any commitment to progress.

Depending on your needs, we can work for you on:

  • EXECUTING THE LAND PURCHASE, by pulling together seller, notary/ lawyer, bank etc as needed. We can also represent you with a POA (Power of Attorney) if you so wish.
  • FINALIZING THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT, by finding and managing an architect/ designer and construction company (or working with one of your choice) until the technical design is completed.
  • SUPERVISING THE CONSTRUCTION SITE, with weekly progress reports including pictures and videos, on-site liaison with the construction company, management of design change requests etc.
  • CREATING THE LEGAL ENTITY AND MANAGING ADMIN & FISCAL OBLIGATIONS, to ensure compliance with local regulations and providing you with peace of mind and clear explanations on the topic.
  • DIRECTLY LIAISING WITH SUPPLIERS, to supervise ordering and delivery of goods from retailers, factories and professionals (eg furniture sellers, garden landscapers, designers, utility providers).

This service is offered via a contractual arrangement, whereby our fee is a set % of the costs invoiced by all other suppliers (with minimum fee per month of engagement).


Here we can act as your PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AGENCY, by taking care of:

  • DIGITAL MARKETING on Airbnb,, or on a dedicated website for the property, and running marketing paid search and paid media campaigns. We can then manage guest bookings and changes/ cancellation.
  • GUEST MANAGEMENT: we can provide airport transfers, welcome, check out, assistance during the guest stay. We can design a-la-carte services (on site security, driver, chef, butler, maid, personal trainer, masseur, yoga trainer, babysitter etc) up to the standard desired.
  • ADMIN MANAGEMENT: we can take care of guest laundry, cleaning, water/ electricity/ telecom bills, air conditioning/ pool maintenance and repair, gardening, staff payroll, administrative and fiscal compliance.

This service is offered via a contractual arrangement, whereby our fee is a set % of the property rental revenue (with minimum fee per month of engagement).